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Dec 6, 2012 4:30am EST
'm happy they found it. the school is doing their job. >> as far as disciplinary action, it is cool policy for anyone found with a weapon on campus to be automatically suspended for 10 days with the possibility of expulsion for year. in fairfax, autria godfrey. >> investigators are deeper suspects in a brazen explosive crime in after virginia credit union on shelton boulevard. the atm machine is still intact. the blast was powerful enough to set off car alarms at a nearby complex and wake up a lot of people. >> it was a large bankg. >> i thought a gas line had exploded. >> nothing you would expect. >> a witness spotted the suspect from a distance. a surveillance camera saw the suspect as well. >> at least five people have been killed and hundreds injured outside egypt's presidential palace. supporters and opponents of the president's word off since the latest crisis erupted. the two sides have been throwing rocks and firebombs at each other. he gave himself nearly absolute power. he has not backed down, pushing for a constitutional referendum. >> the germangermany oppose the capital is lo
Dec 7, 2012 4:30am EST
. with so much at stake, senator john mccain said it may be time to take action. >> it may mean that the united states and our allies are facing the prospect of an imminent use of weapons of mass destruction in syria -- this may be the last warning we may get. time for talking about what me made -- what we may do may be coming to a closed. >> angelina jolie traveled to a refugee camp on thursday. she is a special envoy. it was her second official mission to the region in three months. >> president obama is at warning egypt's president that the recent violence there is unacceptable. the admonishment came after protests storming the presidential palace. muhammed marcy tried to calm the protests with a national address. the recent outbreaks of violence have left at least six dead and at least 700 people injured. >> a man killed in a veterans day parade accident will be buried today. he was among four veterans -- four bennet -- four veterans killed during the parade. he was 37 years old. he leaves behind a wife and children. >> hurricane sandy already being blamed for tens of billio
Dec 18, 2012 4:30am EST
. the council member called on chief cathy lanier to take action. >> she needs to start a vigorous training program so they can get in shape. for these guys will all to run you owe. >> tea party-backedshe said, "to disparage that officer to put his life on the line is offensive." >> but they might not able to save us if something is happening. >> some agree that effectiveness rests more with the individual's dedication and drive to ban their diet. >> i think it depends on how good a police officer you are. >> that will have people talking today. >> i'm sure. >> it's 49 degrees. >> next, which famous director is making former president bill clinton his next subject. >> and actor hugh jackman stopped by on "katie" to discuss his role in les miserables and captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning, washington. i am meteorologist jacqui jeras. for clocked 53 is the time -- 4:54. it's tuesday morning. clouds moving off to the east. no wet weather expected, but we have fog. we are not below advisory levels. doing fine across much of the metro area. in marti
Dec 28, 2012 4:30am EST
and drink for you to catch the action. >> at this bar in columbia heights, even the shots are burgundy. the redskins shooter is the latest addition to the cocktail list for the appetite of fans salivating for a win. >> a big rivalry. they work so hard on the comeback. >> the sat -- sunday night matchup is conjuring up big business for local bars. he says he expects double his usual sunday night hall and stocking the bar and staff. >> redskin games are going to be front to back sold out. >> that sentiment has swept the nation. and espn poll shows 73% of football fans are reading for a redskins win. broken down by state the lone star state is the lone state court in a cowboys victory. >> i cannot believe it -- i see other people talking about it, how excited they are. this is a huge. >> usually for a game like this people will be planning a tailgate, but because of potential bad weather and the late start time people are figuring out ways to take the party inside. >> this will be almost as big as the super bowl. >> this manager says he has been swamped with calls for party planners. >> p
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4